If your lover has left you this spell calls upon Erzulie, voodoo queen of love, to return them…

This ex back spell will quickly have your ex thinking, “What have I given up? I’ve made a BIG mistake.” And they’ll come running back to you begging for forgiveness.

Bear in mind, though, that this is a powerful spell. Don’t use it unless you are serious about returning your ex. Think carefully whether you will still want them two or three months down the line – or even years down the line. In other words, don’t do it on a whim.

That said, so long as you are serious about returning your ex, this working is bullet proof when it comes to resistance – your ex simply won’t be able to resist. They’ll be compelled to return to you.

Ingredients you will need:

  • Ginseng powder
  • Sugar (natural cane sugar works best)
  • Cinnamon
  • Pineapple oil
  • Forget me not oil
  • Pink paper
  • Pink candle
  • Plate

What you do:

✴ Choose a time when the clock hands are on the rise (so between the half past and the hour)

✴ Find a calm, quiet place where you won’t be disturbed (put your cell on silent! The spirits don’t take kindly to being disturbed while you jabber on to your best friend or your Great Aunt Flo).

✴ Now perform an opening ritual to get rid of any negative energy. This will also help you to focus and be in the right trance like frame of mind to do the working.

✴ Take you pink candle and anoint it with pineapple oil, remembering to draw the oil towards you.

✴ Mix together the ginseng, sugar and cinnamon…

✴ Now take the pink paper and cut out a voodoo doll shape. On the back, using Dove’s Blood ink or a red pen, write your wishes, while you focus your attention on them.

✴ On the front, write your lover’s name thirteen times. Then turn the paper sideways and write your name across the list of your lover’s name.

✴ Next, take the plate, place the paper doll in the middle, then sprinkle it with the sugar mix. Stand your anointed candle on top of this (make sure it’s steady.

✴ Call upon Erzulie, the voodoo Queen of Love, and ask for her help with your wishes. Fully focus on what it is that you want, and don’t forget to thank Erzulie for her help.

✴ When you feel you have completed the ritual, snuff the candle out…

✴ For good measure, anoint yourself with forget me not oil, which will help to keep you right at the front of your lover’s mind, where you want to be.

✴ Now this is where it takes a while, because you need to repeat that ritual for thirteen days. Once you have completed the thirteen days, take the doll and keep it safely with you until your wishes are fulfilled.

Once the doll has done its work, return it to nature by casting it into running water, or bury it. As you do this, it is a wise idea to make some small offering to Erzulie-maybe chocolates or flowers. You know how the ladies love those, and it will encourage Erzulie to smile upon you.

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