I get asked about luck all the time. Some say they’ve never been lucky. That they’ve been cursed since birth. Or that they can’t shake a run of bad luck.

There’s no doubt about it. Some people are born lucky. Everything appears to fall into place for them. Or they regularly escape bad things happening to them.

Either way, we could all do with a little more luck.

Problem is, your luck can run out on you. That’s when things start going wrong. Nothing works out. And it feels like you’re living in bad luck city.

Who wants to live there?

So what do you do if your luck takes a downward turn?

The first thing I’d advise you to do is fix up a lucky charm or amulet and carry it with you at all times. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A lucky coin, charm or stone will do the trick. Ideally one you come across by chance, or through unusual circumstances, such as stumbling across a hag stone (stone with a naturally occurring hole in it) on a beach or beside a river.

I’d also recommend breaking patterns in your life.

Take different routes when you go about your daily business. When you go to work, take a different road than usual. Eat at different restaurants. See different people.

The idea is to lure your luck back to you. Make your luck quizzical. Make it wonder what is going on.

That way, your luck will say the following to itself:

“What’s that damn fool doing? Better run on back and find out!”

The bottom line is: If your luck runs away from you, you need to get it back – and fast. And the art of that is to break patterns. The more you shake things up in your life, the more likely things will change for you. If you stick to habits too religiously, your life becomes stultified. And this leads to stasis.

As the very essence of life itself is all about change and a continual flow, it’s wise to mirror that process. Of course, you already are a part of that process – so being to set in your ways literally goes against nature.

Therefore, getting into the flow of continual change is a wise move. You don’t need to overdo this. Simply try to follow any sudden intuitions or feelings that suggest taking different paths to your usual ones.

Do this and you’ll very likely see your luck returning to you within a week. Not only that, but you’ll feel inspired again. And life will feel more exciting and full of verve.

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