Herbs and essential oils can help you have certain types of dreams, and recall them in the morning…

Some people would have you believe that they never dream. They would be wrong. Most people have an average of FIVE dreams a night, provided they have sufficient sleep. But if you remember any of them, it’s usually the one just before you wake, which is also the one that is the most important from the magickal point of view.

I’ve come across some interesting dreams in my work with Doktor Snake, offering dream interpretations. The Talmud¬†says that “an uninterpreted dream is like an unread letter”. You would probably never leave a stack of letters unopened – unless they were bills – so why not try and get into the psyche behind what your mind is trying to tell you?

Androids may well dream of electric sheep, but if you have problems getting to sleep, let alone remembering dreams, I’ve rustled up some tips to help you.

One of the classic remedies to help induce sleep is to take a warm bath. Magick just cranks that up a notch by adding in some ingredients renowned to help you drift off. This one is attributed to Hecate.

Sleep sweeter than honey bath

You will need:

  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1/4 cup of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
  • 4 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 4 drops of chamomile essential oil

You can of course increase these amounts if you wish, but just keep the proportions the same.

All you need to do is to warm the milk and stir in the honey. Make sure they are well blended, or the honey will just sit in a stick blob at the bottom, so unless your aim is to sugar your legs while taking a bath, it’s not ideal.

Remove from the heat and add the vanilla and essential oils, and then mix thoroughly into a warm bath, step in and relax.

Of course, you can also add in relaxing elements such as candles (purple or white are the best) and maybe some relaxing music. Make sure that after your bath, you allow yourself to air dry.

Assuming that you’re prepared nicely to sleep, you can employ different methods to try to induce specific types of dreams. A few of the popular ones may be money dreams, prophetic dreams or erotic dreams.

Money dreams…

A money dream can be encouraged by using a blend of herbs and roots. The most effective ones to try are High John the Conqueror, basil, coriander, parsley, cinnamon and chamomile.

Simply make yourself a dream bag by adding any of these to a small drawstring bag and hang it on your bedpost. You can also pop them into a box, which is kept covered until you go to bed, and then uncover it so that its dream properties are released as you sleep.

Prophetic dreams…

If you want to try having a dream which provides information for the future, the easiest method of all just requires you to place a few bay leaves under your pillow before you go to sleep. If you have a little longer, and a few more items to hand, you can mix a more complex blend and again, use them to charge a dream bag or sleep time potpourri magick box. For this method, there are many herbs, roots and incenses you can choose from – copal resin, zacatechichi (known as “dream herb”), mimosa, sandalwood, wisteria, peppermint, gardenia, mugwort … The list goes on, but just experiment until you find the one that works for YOU.

Call on Mary Magdalene…

An old British oracle calls on Mary Magdalene, and is reserved for just ONE night a year, the night of July 21st, which is her feast day. As this is approaching, it’s one that’s well worth giving a try, and is quite simple. All you will need is:

  • A few sprigs of rosemary, tied together to make a “wand”
  • Wine
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Bowl

Blend the wine, water and vinegar in the bowl, soak the rosemary wand in it, and then shake off the excess.

Place the wand between your breasts, and go to bed in silence to increase the likelihood of prophetic dreams.

But beware… because of the rosemary, you may find that you dream you’re a leg of lamb being prepared for the oven, but if that one happens, I wouldn’t be too worried about it …

Erotic dreams…

If you’ve read this far, we’ll treat you to a few methods that are reputed to bring about erotic dreams (some of you may well have skipped to this part first, in which case, shame on you!).

Again, you can start the ritual with a bath, to which you have added a generous amount of Angel’s Water. You can make your own Angel’s Water either by steeping flowers in water, or by mixing essential oils together. Both are equally powerful, but you must remember that at least HALF of the blend MUST be myrtle.

If you wish to try an infusion, steep together myrtle (using flowers, leaves and stems), orange blossom, lavender, trefoil flowers, angelica root and rose.

For a simpler method, take a carrier oil such as jojoba, and add:

  • 21 drops of essential myrtle oil
  • 15 drops of essential neroli oil
  • 9 drops of rose oil (the most expensive you can afford is best, as rose is particularly effective)

You can also try the dream bag method, and fill it with licorice root, cinnamon and honeysuckle. If you cannot find honeysuckle, you can always use the essential oil to dress the ingredients, and it’s worth popping in a couple of drops of jasmine absolute as well.

You can also try burning incense – if you are alone, go for a straight myrrh incense, but if you are NOT alone, opt to add in some frankincense to the blend.

Remember your dreams…

If you want to strengthen the likelihood that you will remember your dreams, you can use a simple technique by creating yourself a dream potion. To do this, simply charge a bottle of spring water in moonlight, and then refrigerate it. Before you go to sleep, pour a small glass and take a couple of sips. Leave the rest by your bedside to sip as required, but make sure that you keep a little bit back to drink just before writing down any of your dreams on waking.

So there you go – there are many many more methods (a lot of which include mugwort, which I have deliberately not included here as it can be extremely poisonous if not used correctly) – but these few should give you a little scope for experimentation.

And remember, as Anatole France wrote: “To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act.”

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