A master blend base oil will give extra power to money drawing oil, love oil or clearing oil…

So what’s the secret behind this high octane base oil? It’s fairly simple and has only a few ingredients The only one that may be a little tricky to get hold of is masterwort root. which is often also listed as astrantia root. The effect you can achieve by using this oil makes it worth the treasure hunt.

To blend yourself some, you will need:

  • A lidded jar
  • Carrier oil – my personal favorite of the moment is holly oil
  • Heaped tablespoon of dried star anise
  • A chunk of masterwort root
  • A handful of woodruff (Master of the Woods)

Just add your carrier oil to the jar, and follow up with the remaining ingredients. Once you have completed your oil jar, replace the lid, and give thanks to the spirit energies that you believe in.

It is best if you can allow this oil to steep for a while, and as befitting its importance, it’s a good idea to store it wrapped in a purple, red or gold cloth.

It’s worth making up a batch of this oil, as the longer it blends together, the better it is, and you just never know when you’re going to want to call on “just that bit extra”.

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