So, you might remember how we talked about the possible problems with trying to attract a specific person? Well this little story shows you why it’s not a good idea. It just might work out that you’ll be needing to remove a hex that someone fires right back at you!

A young man (let’s call him Leonard) came to me in a state of real panic.

“I’ve been hexed!” he said, “a bad root worker has cursed me, I need a super fast hex removal that works. Things are going so badly I think I’m going to lose everything”.

Now Leonard has been to me asking for a working to attract a Latino girl into his Life who he had fallen for. She was happy to be friends with him, but she didn’t love him, and Leonard thought he could change that.

After I advised him to let things work out as they should, Leonard went to a spellcaster for a love spell in the hope that she would change her mind.

“You were right, I should’ve listened to you” he said. “The spell didn’t work at all, and then she found out what I’d done and started calling me asking for money and threatening me, screaming that she would make me pay for trying to trap her against her will. In the end she put a hex on ME because I couldn’t give her money. Now I can’t even eat, I’m sick and I keep burning up with a fever. This is the worst run of bad luck that I’ve ever run into, and I need it gone … FAST.”

I calmed Leonard down and told him not to worry, we could fix this, no problem.

“All you need to do is take a cleansing bath” I told him. “That bad will be drawn out of you like a splinter”.

So if you find yourself in this situation, this is what to do…

Before you take the bath, have a shower and scrub away the negative influences by using a handful of sea salt mixed with a little almond oil. To this, add a few drops of mint oil, a few drops of rosemary oil and a few drops of hyssop oil. These are well known for their cleansing properties, and hyssop is a classic ingredient in all uncrossing workings.

While you shower, put the plug in the bath so that some of the water collects, and place a small natural sponge in the water. The sponge will absorb the negativity which washes off of you. Leave the sponge somewhere safe to dry, which will seal the negative energy into it.

After the shower, allow yourself to dry naturally if possible, so the cleansing power dries on your skin.

While you’re doing that, make yourself a small bag using a square of muslin or cheesecloth. Into this, place some oatmeal along with some basil oil and some eucalyptus oil. These are known for opening your mind to positive energies.

Tie the square with some purple thread or ribbon; purple draws on red for energy and positivity and blue for calming influences, so is the perfect combination. Hang the bag either from the faucet so that the water runs over it or add it directly to the bath.

Place two white candles on the side of the bath, light them and carefully step between them to enter the bath. They will purify the gateway to your bathing area.

Allow yourself to relax in the warm water while you concentrate on positive energy flowing into your Life and cleansing away every last scrap of negativity. When you feel the time is right, leave the bath and snuff out the candles.

All you need to do is to let yourself air dry again, so that all that you have drawn to yourself stays on your skin like a protective layer…

Lastly, when the sponge is completely dry, dispose of it either by burning it or burying it away from your property, whichever feels best to you.

I saw Leonard a few days later, and he told me that the bath was doing its work; the threatening phone calls had stopped, he felt his Life was coming under his control again and everything was shaping up nicely.

“Thanks for that one,” he said, “and to think that I only thought the tub was only to get cleaned up!”

I think we can call that another success story …

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