Prof Crow was talking yesterday about how to tell the difference between a voodoo man with real B52 bomber power, and a limp-ass one who can’t even get a kite to fly in a force 9 gale. This is what he said:

“So ya’ll asks yourselves how can I tell a kick-ass voodoo man from a lame duck correspondence course reject? Well I don’t know about all that Latin jive and Brazilian ju-ju stuff. But what I do know about is that ole time powerful swamp voodoo. The stuff you and me work, Doc.

Now back in the ole days, deep down in the South, purple tinted sunglasses used to be the sign the of a bona fide doctor. Not always. Some, like my ole’ Pa’s friend Dr Buzzard, used to dress all conservative in a suit like a church man. So it ain’t all the same.

What is the same is what they carry in their pocket. A proper swamp voodoo man will always carry two small bones tied with cotton thread. I have mine in my vest (waistcoat pocket, the other side to my ole timepiece). I know you got them too, Doc.

These are called the ‘black cat’ bones in swamp voodoo. Now I ain’t gonna tell you what they really are, what the cotton threads tying them is all about, or how we each got ’em. What I am gonna tell you is that the bones are a badge. It’s the sign of a real swamp voodoo man and not a hokum pretender.”

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