I was in London talking with Prof. Crow the other day. He revealed how he trained for the church back when he was young. Then he got on to how you can use a St Benedict Medal to protect yourself from evil spirits. This is what he said:

“When ya want to stop them pesky evil spirits from assaulting I got me a way to fix up a St Benedict Medal real well to keep ’em back. Now some folks thinks it because I studied to become a preacher man when I was a young ‘un, before I went on down to the Crossroad, but this works for churched and un-churched folk.

Now Doc, between you and me, I will tell you how this works.

Now St Benedict’s deep faith in the cross is the reason he’s on the front of the medal. On the back there’s a cross with a whole lot of letters and writing. The important bit is written round it and these are the initial letters of: “Vade retro satana! Nunquam suade mihi vana! Sunt mala quae libas. Ipse venena bibas!.” That’s old time Latin for: “Begone Satan! Tempt me not with your vanities! What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself!” And is the opening lines of the Papist exorcism. When faced with them evil spirits you gotta grasp the ole medal and recite the words in the Latin to send them demons back.”

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