Wanga dolls can be used for anything from boosting your luck and finances, to removing a hex, or bringing love into your life…

Wanga and Wanga dolls originate from Africa, and really run alongside the more widespread voodoo doll. The difference lies in the fact that instead of using the doll on somebody else, the Wanga doll is used for work on yourself.

They can be used for any purpose, from luck to love, from hex removal to increasing your finances. The uses are limited only by your imagination as to what you would like to improve in yourself and your circumstances.

As with the voodoo doll, it has stronger powers if you make it yourself, but you can buy them ready made if you prefer. Just remember that if you can take the time to make your own, you can pour all of your intent into it, which is really what it’s all about.

Once you have your Wanga doll, you’ll want to consecrate it before you use it. You do this simply by burning a candle. You can use a color sympathetic to your working – green for money, pink, purple or red for Love, orange for creativity and so on. Then place a piece of paper on which you have written your petition (intention of the spell) underneath the candle, and calling the name of your Wanga doll three times.

You can name it quite basically, so Love Wanga, Money Wanga or Protection Wanga unless a specific name comes to you and seems to attach itself to your doll.

Once the candle is burning, hold the doll near to the candle – but be careful not to set it alight, as that’s really not respectful! – and pour all of your intent into the doll. It is best if you speak this aloud, as it increases the powers.

The only other thing that you need to bear in mind is that you need to treat your doll well. Speak to it often, stroke its hair, offer it gifts and possibly make it a safe bed for it to rest in which you can place close to your bed. Just make it aware that it is a welcome house guest, and you won’t go far wrong.

So next time you feel like cursing someone else, maybe consider first if it would be better to do a little work on yourself first!

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