Back in the 1980s when I was being mentored in voodoo by Earl Marlowe, I got myself out of poverty by casting voodoo gambling spells…

I was living in Tottenham, North London, and I would be continually making deals with the electric and phone companies to pay in installments – not to mention the rent on my place.

But Earl would always say:

“You don’t want to worry ’bout money, you can get it when you need it with the power o’ conjuration.”

So he set about teaching me voodoo spells that would get me in a position to “receive”, as he put it.

Earl had a big thing about how many people (most of us, in fact) tend to shoot themselves in the foot subconsciously when it comes to money. He believed we feel guilt about cash due to upbringing and bad mental programming from our parents and other family members. And when money comes our way we subconsciously find ways to lose it or simply prevent it coming to us in the first place.

So the first lesson Earl taught in his voodoo was to overcome this subconscious guilt and to be open to receive.

The more I worked on this myself, the more powerful I found Earl’s message to be. Once I had gotten over the subconscious blocks, and started casting voodoo gambling spells, I found that money would indeed begin to appear when I most needed it.

One time, I didn’t have a bean and couldn’t pay my phone bill, which was about to be cut off…

At my wits end, I decided to do the football pools, which is a gambling system based around soccer results in the UK.

It’s been around for years. My dad used to do the pools, and when I was about fourteen I used to go around villages collecting people’s bets. It sure beat being a paper boy for making money! People even dropped me a few hundred if they had a modest win!

Anyway, in a bid to get some money to pay my phone bill, I filled out my football coupon. But before I handed it in, I fixed up some sigils and performed a voodoo spell to bring gambling luck.

Come Saturday when the soccer matches were played, I made a point of NOT thinking about the voodoo spell I’d cast. In fact, it’s very wise to resist thinking about the result of your spell, as this lets your subconscious mind get on with the job of making things happen.

Around 6pm I switched on the radio to check the results against my football coupon.

First one score draw, then another, then a fail… another score draw, and BOOM!

Yep, I was on a winner… which turned out to be around £500 – getting on for $1,000 in US money.

It would have been more but a lot of people had chosen well that week and the dividend payout was low.

But that was OK…

…my winnings more than paid my phone bill. And I had cash left over for some fun!

In fact, at that time, I regularly met my financial needs with voodoo gambling spells – be it football pools or poker, and later the lottery, which began in the UK in the early 1990s.

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