When you cast a voodoo spell, the ways in which it will work are not always cut and dried. A voodoo spell operates via the ether onto earthly channels. In other words, a voodoo spell has to have a path in the everyday world to manifest. Here are some examples:

» You suddenly decide to go to a party you were undecided about attending – and you end up meeting the man or woman of your dreams. This was NOT coincidence. It was your subconscious at work, kickstarted into action via the voodoo spell you cast.

» You are returning home from work one day and on impulse you stop off to buy a lottery ticket. The upshot? You win enough cash to take a luxury cruise or splash out on a new car. Again, this was NOT coincidence. Your subconscious mind was directing you, again as a result of your voodoo magick.

» You are in a cafe. And run into an old work colleague, who has landed a top management position at a major firm. Without hesitation he (or she) offers you a well-paid role with full benefits. By what seems like chance you get the job of your dreams. In reality it was your subconscious directing your life and leading you where you were meant to go, aided and abetted by the intention of your voodoo spell.

» You run a business. And, as if by magick, you always manage to source materials at the lowest prices, cut the best deals, and land top dollar contracts (beating your competition hands-down). What’s more, your diary is chock full of public speaking engagements. Why? Because you are always in the right place at the right time. This is NOT mere coincidence. Because of the voodoo spell you cast, you are working in harmony with your subconscious mind, which is directing your life in accordance with your destiny.

In the end, voodoo spells are about enhancing the power that lies within, and focusing your intention on the everyday world – but with a definite purpose.

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