My voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe and I often had people coming to us suffering from the baleful effects of a hex. I remember one time a woman burst into North London pub where we used to drink (the place was also our informal voodoo office).

She was screaming crazily, “I been hexed, snakes and lizards runnin’ through my body, I’m gonna die, pleeeze help me! I been goofered bad.”

She then pulled her skirt up over her thighs to show us how her flesh was undulating like something alive really was inside her. “It’s goin’ on all over my body!” she shrieked. “They eatin’ my insides!”

Earl got up and looked her over.

“You need the nine needle cure,” he told her after some thought. “Get nine needles, nine brass pins, and nine hairs from your own head. Cork these up in a bottle, along with some of your urine, and place the bottle in your fireplace. After that you must earnestly ask the Lord to help you overcome the trick that’s been put on you. When the bottle bursts with the heat of the fire, all your ailments will leave you.”

As it was, the woman was in no way confident enough to perform any kind of ritual for herself. She could hardly take in the instructions Earl gave her. So Earl and I fixed up a working that very evening to exorcise her from the spirit reptiles that had invaded her body. At the culmination of the ritual, there was a loud, terrifying BANG!!! For a second, I thought the gas had exploded, or the electrics gone up…but I couldn’t find a thing to explain the noise.

Earl just said, “It’s the spirits man, it’s not nothing human, it’s the evils leavin’ her, she’ll be fine now.”

In fact, immediately after the loud bang, the woman relaxed, like a huge weight had been lifted from her. Her whole body seemed to become light again and she was smiling. “They gone,” she said, “they gone…” She slept for days after that, and was 100% cured of the ugly hex.

We concluded she’d been hexed by a renegade sorcerer from Africa who had been hired by a member of her family – someone who had been eaten up with jealousy about her for many years.

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