Olivia needed a voodoo love spell to bring back her ex who had run off with the barmaid at a local pub. She wrote to me from Llanwrin, a small village in Wales. Born in 1980, Olivia is a computer control operator and had been living happily with her boyfriend for five years. But out of the blue he left her for a barmaid from a nearby pub.

“It turns out he’d been having an affair with her for the last couple of months,” Olivia said. “But I had no idea. I just want him back. Have you got a voodoo love spell to do this – one that will bring him back quickly?”

I told her that I’d got a fast-working lover back spell for this. The love spell calls upon the spirits, and harnesses numinous energy to disrupt the new relationship and engenders a yearning for the old and familiar relationship.

“It involves a powerful ritual in an old graveyard,” I explained, “along with creating wish papers and artifacts while in possession trance. A connection is built up making it nigh on impossible for your ex to ignore the tug on his heartstrings that reminds him of you and makes him yearn to return to you.”

Olivia didn’t hesitate. “Cast that voodoo love spell for me now, Doc.”

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