Mary from Baltimore emailed me a few weeks back. She said she’d been in love with a guy since 2004, but he was married and had broken off their affair.

“I’ve only ever truly loved one man in my life and that’s Marty,” Mary told me. “There’s just something about him. Oh he can be a bastard at times. But I can’t seem to shake him from my heart. The only problem is he’s married and he broke our relationship off two months ago because he didn’t want to upset her. I miss him and desperately want him back. Please can you help?”

I said, I could certainly do a voodoo lover back spell for her – using a Conjure Box, which is one of my most powerful voodoo spellworkings. This would restore the previous situation. But it wouldn’t necessarily bring greater commitment. After all, Marty was married.

Mary got back and said: “Yes, I’d give anything, my whole life, just to get us back to how we were.”

She then said that, at a later date, she’d like to look at ways to break up Marty and his wife, so she could have him all to herself.

I said: “You ought to think carefully about that. Would you really want to cause someone the pain of a break up? I would urge you to put yourself in Marty’s wife’s shoes before you consider such action.”

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