Jayne from Tennessee wrote a year or so back. She said: “I need a voodoo spell to get my ex back. Ten months ago my husband took ill with a strange sleeping sickness. The doctors didn’t know what it was. They said there was nothing wrong with him…”

The next thing Jayne knew, her husband suddenly got better and upped and left her! He went to live with a woman over in Kentucky, a woman he’d known from work before he fell sick.

I said: “Listen, I can certainly fix you up with a voodoo spell to get your ex back… but something strange has been going on. That illness your husband had wasn’t physical, it was a spiritual illness. Someone’s been working the root on him.”

A little research brought some interesting information to light. The woman Jayne’s husband had gone to live with was known as a “witch” – not a good thing in Kentucky where Christianity is very prominent. But the woman apparently used it to her advantage in attracting the local “alternative” crowd and hooking men she took a fancy too.

I fixed up a Voodoo Conjure Box to break the spell put on Jayne’s husband and to bring him back.

It took a while to work. We were fighting a heavy duty enchantment. I had to make up some War Dolls for extra firepower too.

But in the end he came back – and was strangely dazed for some months. Now he’s fine, although even now he can’t recall much about what happened.

The witch woman of Kentucky was very powerful, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone mess with her.

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