Did Meghan Markle use dark magic incantations to hook Prince Harry into the marital bed?

Meghan Markle has bagged Prince Harry, and they are set to tie the knot. Considering she is American, half African-American, and an actress, well, you’d have to say its an unlikely match, what with Prince Harry being a blue-blooded British royal, an’ all.

Sure, love comes into it.

But in the past British royals took the traditional route, and married into their own aristocratic class.

Not this time round.

So what’s going on? Could Meghan have had a bit of voodoo help to bag Prince Harry?

The word on the ground is, she might have. Prince Harry could well have been wondering what the strange artefacts and sigils were in their boudoir.

“Oh, that’s nothing,” Meghan would have likely said, “just some items I picked up from an old curiosity shop…”


So the big question is: Can you too bag a celebrity like Meghan Markle did using voodoo?

Yes, she pulled the big one – and she’s already being roped into royal duties.

But if voodoo and magic were behind her hooking a royal, well, it bodes well for anybody else fixing up incantations at a dark, lonely crossroads under the murky gloom of the dark o’ the moon.

So I say, yes, why not?

If you are dead set on bagging a celebrity – and sharing your marital bed with them – then it’s a question of calling on the old gods, and entering the spinning whorls between order and chaos, thus setting the strands of fate in motion.

If you don’t, somebody else will…

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