Amelia from Hackney, in London, wrote a while back. She wanted a love spell to bring romance into her life. A receptionist at an electrical firm, she was a divorcée and had become jaded towards relationships. But she new in her heart that the right man was out there – somewhere…

“I just know he’s there,” she said. “And I believe a voodoo love spell from you will bring him to me.”

I recommended my Conjure Box. It’s one of my most powerful voodoo love spells. The working involves a spirit possession ritual, which is performed at the stroke of midnight in an old disused Victorian graveyard in the city where I live. Like I always say: “The time to do voodoo is when the hoot owl cries and the black cat moans…”

I just heard from Amelia. She’s dating a great guy. “This could be the real thing!” she said.

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