A young woman from San Diego contacted me the other week. She and her guy were living on opposite parts of the USA. She was in California. He was in New Jersey on the east coast. Yes, they were in love. But she felt anxious that the distance might lead to their relationship cooling off. They met up when they could, but it was a big distance to travel.

“Hey Doc,” she said. “Have you got a voodoo spell that would bring us closer together. A spell that somehow¬† changes things so that we can be nearer to each other.”

I told her the best bet is a voodoo conjure box configured to her needs. The ritual is done in the graveyard at midnight. Like most of my workings it involves calling on the spirits – a possession ritual. The spirits infuse their numinous power into the items that make up the conjure box, and these influence the weave of fate.

In this case, the result was startling. Her guy got transferred to Riverside, outside LA. She was overjoyed. “I can’t believe it,” she said. “We can see each other when we want!”

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