First thing you need to do is to light a candle, just before bed for three successive nights. At this point, though, you might need to hold onto your hats because you then recite the Lord’s Prayer backwards. And while you do so visualize casting off shackles from your arms and legs.

Even atheists can be uncomfortable with saying the Lord’s Prayer backwards. This is down to long years of conditioning from Christianity and its suppressive and controlling political elements.

Equally modern witches might balk at the Satanic implications of this. But the truth is the fun witchcraft was satanic.

You’d take an hallucinogenic concoction that had Deadly Nightshade in it, and you’d fly off on your broomstick to a Sabbat and dance around with other witches and demons, along with meeting the Devil himself, usually in the form of a man-goat… taking turns to kiss his rear end.

The above is a simple method, and it could well trigger an initiatory process – as it breaks ingrained mental patterns.

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