Yes, it is possible to bring back your ex lover with a voodoo spell. But the likelihood of a successful outcome with a lover back spell is greatly increased if your ex still has a spark of love in their heart for you. This is what results magick plays upon in the sense of intensifying that spark.

But how do you know there is still a spark?

One way to find out is with a reading. You can visit a psychic (check their reputation first) or have a reading from a voodoo doctor like me (go to card readings). Or you can do a reading yourself if you are au fait with tarot cards or similar divinatory devices. A reading will also help you get an indication of the chances of a restoration of the relationship.

Equally, of course, it is worth thinking long and hard about whether you truly think it would be a genuinely good thing for you to return your ex. Some couples simply aren’t meant to be together. Not matter how hard they try, or how much effort they put in, their relationship will not work. It is not destined to be.

Clearly, facing up to this can be very painful. Understandably, many cling to a relationship and refuse to recognize that it is over. yet the wisest move could be to accept defeat. To move on and be receptive to the possibility of meeting a more suitable lover – even the ideal lover. You have to ask yourself whether you truly love your ex, or whether it is an unhealthy and damaging obsession.

If you conclude that your ex really is the right person for you then you can certainly look to having lover back spell cast for you. But the first thing you should do is slow down and be patient. Recognize that your lover pulled away because things had become unbearable in some way. Therefore, the worst thing you can do is pressure your ex into returning – this would only push them away further. And remember, if you do succeed in convincing them to come back, it will be through guilt and in time they will come to resent you, and leave you again.

The art is to give your ex space. But all the time working subtly on them, and performing various spells to remove any negativity between you and restore the love and passion in their heart for you.

Another element to be aware of is self-love. Remember the old maxim that until you learn to love yourself you’ll never truly be able to love anybody else? Well, it’s a universal truth, and one well worth thinking long and hard about.

The truth is, loving yourself is not a given – nor is it easy to do. Many of us, deep down, hate who we are, due often to issues in childhood. This means that love – the right kind of love – almost never comes our way. More often than not the wrong sort of love only comes our way.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

One effective strategy for self-love (which once achieved makes you hugely more loveable) is the “Me Board” technique. Far from making you “bored” with yourself, it makes you relish yourself – which is the No.1 requirement for learning to love yourself.

All you need is a typical kitchen noticeboard. You decorate it with photos of yourself and of the things in your life that inspire you. Once you’ve done that add images of what you’d like to see enter your life. And yes, that includes pictures of that special someone…


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