Here’s the seven most critical indications that may suggest a voodoo curse or bad witchcraft is involved in the breakdown of your relationship…

1. Your partner seems distracted, like they’re not quite there with you. You talk to them and they seem somehow vague. It’s like their mind is elsewhere all the time.

2. You go to cuddle them, and they respond, but you sense just a moment of tenseness, almost like you are a stranger putting your arms around them. Only a momentary hesitation, but nonetheless you noticed it.

3. They seem secretive, like something else is going on in their life, something you know nothing about. Could be you walk in the room and they close their laptop or phone very quickly so you can’t see what is happening on the screen. Sure this could happen without bad voodoo being involved, but if there’s a strange “not-quite-there” element about them, it could be an indication of something nefarious going down.

4. You get “stabbing” feelings to your heart, like momentary anxiety, or even panic. This could partly be you sensing something is going on. And it may well be the effects of any bad magick or voodoo cast at you directly, or at your relationship. If you have any degree of sensitivity you will feel the curse that’s been hurled at you – especially if the hex has been performed by a proficient spiritual worker.

5. Things start going wrong on different levels. Unexpected bills come in that you have to pay. Your partner starts drinking more, or taking drugs. Perhaps they are also spending too much of the household budget. All this leads to strife and conflict. Again this could well be down to the effects of the curse.

6. You find yourself feeling more tired than usual, lacking in energy. OK, could be you’ve been working a lot, or had a lot of things going on. But taken with everything else this can be a sign of the baleful effects of a hex, especially if you can hardly get up in the morning, despite going to bed at a reasonable hour. Sometimes evil spiritual workers operate on the etheric plane and fire out bad energy when you are sleeping.

7. Your partner starts talking in their sleep. Not necessarily saying another person’s name. But more likely talking what seems like gibberish. This is less common. But again, it can be an indication of evil work having been done. Your partner might say words that seem archaic or old fashioned, or they might sound terrified like they’ve been confronted by something very scary in their dreams… in this case nightmares. You might also have nightmares.

If you see one or more of these signs in your relationship, don’t despair. Bad work can be removed by a qualified practitioner of voodoo and the magickal arts. It can be nullified. What’s more the bad work can be returned to the sender – ten-fold if need be.

And bear in mind that if you are experiencing some of the above, a hex or curse still might not be the root cause. The best way to make certain is to have a reading, be it cards or whatever. This will identify what’s happening on the spiritual level, and will help when it comes to selecting the remedy if any bad work is involved.

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