The best bet is to use a voodoo gambling hand. It keeps the field open for all forms of gambling. Once I’ve cast the voodoo spell and mailed the items to you, it’s a question of carrying the gambling hand with you when you play bingo.

With bingo, the game is focus. Listening to the numbers being called and reacting fast. You have to be a samurai. It can’t be a jolly evening out. And you can’t afford to drink alcohol or smoke weed. You’ve got to have your senses attuned.

A voodoo spell acts like a powerful mascot backing up your gambling activities.

At first you’d expect to see an improvement in your winnings. Small amounts at first. But this grows. You can count on making a killing too if you’ve got the real-world side of playing bingo solid – like I say you need the focus of a samurai. But it’s worth the effort. After all, if you score a good win you’re only talking about two or three hours of your time – a greater reward than you’d get from working in a regular job!

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