If you’ve been hexed, cursed or jinxed you need to move fast – before the rot sets in. The problem with baleful work – when you’re been “voodoo’d” – is that, if the hex or curse was laid by somebody who knows what they are doing, its likely to have infiltrated your energetic centers…and that is very bad news.

If evil work gets into your energy matrix, it’s very much like a computer virus. It will replicate and flow through your whole body/mind system, wreaking terrible havoc. Outwardly, you’ll find your luck is totally destroyed. You’ll have no money, your love life will be torn to shreds, and everything will seem to go wrong.

At worst, your whole system will close down… you’ll go into a zombie-like state, hovering between this world and the next. But that’s only if you’ve been attacked by a powerful results magickian who has little or no¬†scruples…it does happen, but not often.

On a general level, the best way to remove a hex or curse is to “re-boot” your system with a spiritual cleansing working, which will remove all the negativity and evil that is circulating in your energy centers… plus a specialist working, such as a Break A Hex mojo hand, to dispel and nullify the curse or hex that was laid on you.

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