Her guy had been hexed with Jadoo compelling him to leave her for another woman, so she hit back with voodoo…

Her name was Yasmin. She emailed me recently saying her fiancee had been hexed with jadoo which made him leave her for somebody else. Jadoo is a term from the East and means magic. Usually people use it to describe black magic.

Yasmin, a British Asian from Bradford, Northern England, wanted to know if I had a voodoo spell powerful enough to remove the jadoo hex and bring her fiancee back.

According to Yasmin, a love rival had hired a jadoo worker to lay the hex to steal Yasmin’s fiancee. She’d heard this via a friend of hers who knew the love rival.

It all came as a total shock to Yasmin. Out of the blue, Yasmin’s fiancee had gone from caring and loving to totally cold, and then he walked out  on her into the arms of another woman.

Yasmin couldn’t understand it. Only days before they’d been happy and clearly head-over-heels in love.

Yasmin said:

“That was the effect of the jadoo hex.”

I told her not to worry and that hexes can be removed. “If they can be put on, they can be taken off,” I said.

So I used my hex removal formulation to deactivate the hex. It wasn’t easy. The hex on her guy was complex. So I had to do some graveyard work, calling upon the spirits in an old disused city cemetery. Basically I was fighting fire with fire.

It worked. Some weeks later Yasmin contacted me saying her guy had returned to her.

She said:

“It was weird. I was glad he was back. But it’s almost like he was in a trance. It wore off after a day or two. But it’s like he couldn’t remember leaving me and going off with that horrible woman. Now it’s fine and we’re really happy again. But it’s so scary that a hex could do that. I’ve never seen anything like it. All I can say is thank you for saving my relationship.”

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