There’s been a lot of bad press lately about witchcraft, evil spirits, and possession. One recent sad story involved a 15-year-old boy being tortured and beaten to death in London to drive out spirits from him (this is really part of a crazy-ass “witchcraft panic” going down).

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s powerful voodoo – harmless yet 100% effective – to banish demons and other intrusions of the soul matrix.

I was talking to Prof. Crow about the above story the other day and he said: “Well Doc, you’re in bad trouble if your soul matrix been invaded. But you and I both know there’s a foolproof remedy guaranteed to restore an invaded soul.”

“Joe the Preacher root,” I replied.

“Yep, the living spirit o’ that ole hobo preacher from West Virginia,” said Prof.

The arcane secrets of Joe the Preacher root was taught to Prof and I by our voodoo masters – in my case, Earl Marlowe.

“None o’ these so called adepts get it,” continued Prof. “You don’t have to beat the living shit out of a kid to drive a spirit out. It don’t have to be like the motherfucking Exorcist. All ya’ gotta do is call on Joe the Preacher an’ them spirits run out like they got a hard-ass hound o’ hell on their tails. That’s a living fact.”

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