A few weeks back when it was still blazing hot and the height of summer in the UK, I decided it was time to find a new Doktor Snake HQ. But I didn’t want to just mechanically hunt around property websites, as my HQ needs to be the right kinda place. It needs to be found via intuition.

After musing on it for a while, I decided the best thing would be to do a sigil working – to fire out a message to the ether, and see what comes back.

So after a few days, I drove out to the countryside, down winding lanes (like the one in the photo below), to call upon John Barleycorn, spirit of the corn/harvest. The idea was he would  bring me an “abundant harvest” in terms of attracting the right type of place to me. Or at very least, to bring about the right circumstances for this to happen.

country lane

I walked another half-mile down the above lane, and came upon an abundant corn field, a vast yellow-brown expanse that somehow felt alive…

corn field

I made my way into the heart of the field, taking care not to damage the corn too much.  Kneeling down I immersed myself in the field of wheat, and slowly sinking into a trance state, I begin to whisper in strange tongues, calling upon John Barleycorn.

Soon it seemed like a warm breeze began to rustle through the corn, and with that came an odd, guttural murmuring. You can easily dismiss things like this as mere imagination. But if you do that, you allow the conscious mind to interfere, and when that happens, the magick suddenly evaporates, as if it had never been there.

So I held back my rational mind – my critical censor – and allowed John Barleycorn himself to rustle through the corn around me. At that point I pulled two sigils out of my pocket (see picture below), which I’d prepared earlier, and while focusing on the intent of my spell, I tore them to shreds and then threw them into the undulating corn – the intent, or wish, to be collected by John Barleycorn…

Sigils John Barleycorn

As I say, that was some weeks back. Since then I’ve had a number of results come from the working, like seemingly being led to places I haven’t been before, some of which most definitely would make for an ideal HQ. And through an acquaintance I have also been offered a modest country mansion for a couple of years, as the owners want somebody trustworthy to look after it while they are abroad… but I have a sneaking suspicion that, more than anything, they think I’d be a deterrent to anybody considering robbing the place – for fear of being cursed!

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