The root that beats all roots in voodoo and hoodoo…

One of the most famous – and most powerful – roots in voodoo conjure is John the Conqueror root. It was mentioned in many famous blues songs by artists like Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, all of whom were no strangers to “conjure,” as folk magic was often called in the American South during the early decades or the twentieth century and before.

John the Conqueror was reputedly a real person – an African prince who was sold as a slave in the USA. Although enslaved, his spirit was never broken.

His name survived into folklore and he became a trickster figure because he always outwitted his masters. The “Br’er Rabbit” character from the Uncle Remus stories by Joel Chandler Harris was said to be based on John the Conqueror.

Not surprisingly, the High John the Conqueror root (which comes from bindweed) has many uses in conjure work, from love, gambling, attaining power and success to removing hexes and averting the evil eye. It is also offers powerful protection against evil.

Carry one in your pocket and see if your luck improves! You might well find that it does…

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