Johnny Redstone is a death cheater. A demonic entity residing at the Black Lodge on the far western reaches of the etheric plane. The place where the hellbirds fly and the black animals come out of their lairs. Johnny was human once. Shot dead in a drugs beef during the early 1970s. But now he is an egregore called upon by select groups of results magickians in works of dark, obsidian sorcery.

It happened this way: Johnny Redstone, clad in leather, covered in tattoos, and oozing outlaw cool, was a fierce and savage (but full of instinctive intelligence) member of a motorcycle club on the American west coast. After his death he became a demonic entity (a kind of egregore or thoughtform)  due to the fact that, during life, he was adept at travelling the etheric plane….which nowadays is interwoven with cyberspace, and can be accessed astrally and via various code combinations on Linux and Unix terminals.

Johnny first had out-of-body experiences using peyote and other psychotropic plants. But eventually learned to do it without the need for mind-altering substances. Just before he died of gunshot wounds during the drugs shootout, Johnny put his ebbing life energy into leaving his body before he died. And this is how he became a denizen of the etheric plane, a discarnate entity hovering between this world and separate reality.

The reason certain select groups of results magickians know about Johnny is he was a good friend of Earl Marlowe (featured in my Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook). During the 1960s, Earl, who was originally from Trinidad, was serving in the merchant navy. So was Johnny. The two became fast friends.

After Johnny was killed in the early 70s, Earl had suspicions that Johnny had vacated his body before death and set about contacting him on the etheric plane. Eventually Johnny became a regular demonic helper (or “egregore” in less medieval terms) in Earl’s results magick work, which at that time was fairly traditional hoodoo-based.

During the time I spent with Earl, he instructed me in the methodology of contacting Johnny Redstone on the etheric plane – in particular the Rite of the Midnite Mojo which creates a very powerful sigil for transforming events in the material realm.

The Rite of the Midnite Mojo is best performed in a graveyard (the older and lonelier the better) at the time of the Shadow Moon on the etherric plane. When the clock strikes twelve you call upon Johnny Redstone. Ideally you will have spun various sigils and memes into cyberspace on a Linux machine. The first signs of Johnny’s arrival will be the presence of weird black animals and birds (entities from the Black Lodge). Out of this obsidian menagerie – at the culmination of the ritual – walks Johnny Redstone through a swirling cloud of miasmic smoke.

Performed correctly, the summoning of Johnny Redstone is long and exhausting, and suffice to say, is not for the fainthearted. But if you need to harness phenomenal degrees of power, and you are confident you have the mettle, then the Rite of the Midnite Mojo is the choice of kings.

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