Jude The Anticipator was a fortune teller working out of the Bronx in the 70s. He was one scary dude. I never met him. It was my mentor Earl Marlowe told me about him. Earl knew him when he lived in the U.S., having settled there after leaving the Merchant Navy.

This is what Earl said about him:

“Jude The Anticipator was a scholar of the streets, a man with hunting knife strapped to his leg and a .44 Magnum in his pocket. A bad ass motherfucker. But he had a hell of a lot of wisdom. And he could read the future better than anyone I ever knew. He could tell yo’ fortune in detail like he was watchin’ it unfold on a TV screen.

Thing was, he never pulled punches. If it was bad, he’d tell you. He scared the shit outa people. They’d go to him shakin’, prayin’ he’d have somethin’ good to say. Jude the Anticipator was not diplomatic. He see evil he tell you. He see the grim reaper he tell you.”

According to Earl, the crazy thing was Jude the Anticipator loved disco music. You’d find him getting down with The Trammps, tracks like Rubber Band and The Night The Lights Went Out. He was even telling fortunes in Bronx nightclubs, laid his spirit board down on the tables. Crowd around him saying, “Tell me my fortune, Jude, I love you man…”

Often they wished they’d never asked – especially when what he told them came true. Other times, people would celebrate because he told them about the happy birth of a child, or that they were going to win some money.

Jude died sometime in the 1980s. Here’s Jude’s favorite track:

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