The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have won an injunction preventing Closer magazine showing more photos of her sunbathing.

via Sky News – Topless Photos: Royal Couple Granted Injunction.

Now that Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s injunction has been granted, French gossip mag Closer needs to watch out – the Brit royals are on the war path. But the fact is, Kate should have recognized that there’d be snappers about and kept her clothes on. Anybody mega-famous gonna be a target as there’s cash in celebrity photos – especially naked or sem-naked shots.

Sometimes you gotta hold your hands up and say: “I fucked up, it was my bad.” But Kate and Wills ain’t likely to be doing that. The privileged don’t like to admit their mistakes

The other issue is, who’s paying for Wills’ and Kate’s lawsuit? Them or the UK taxpayer?

I don’t take sides personally except to say that anybody poor and desperately trying to make ends meet would gladly swap their lives for Kate and Wills’. Snappers shooting them bare-ass naked would be nothing, they’d be just happy to have money, flash cars and a string o’ classy pads to lay their hats in….

OK, let’s move to Closer magazine: My advice to them would be to fire all the photos they’ve got onto the internet. Especially if they’ve really got some “intimate” photos of Wills and Kate. That way, if any criminal charges are ever brought against the editor or others at Closer mag (which could land ’em in jail), they’d have the last laugh…and final revenge.

What’s more, if I were the crew at Closer mag, I’d fix up some lawsuit voodoo – sort out the judge at the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Nanterre, Paris. Spill some o’ my special conjurin’ powders around the courthouse and fix that ole judge with the hoodoo man stare o’ power, freak the mofo out….coz when you think about it them ole royals are takin’ their-selves too serious. They in a privilege position compared to most. Ton o’ money and big time property, they a pair o’ lucky mofos, for sure.

Yep, I’m saying to Wills and Kate – you’re doing OK in life, you’re riding high and a lotta people aren’t in this world…so sometimes, baby, you gotta let things go.

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