Doktor Snake and I needed to top up on voodoo supplies, so we headed to Brixton for the day, and after tracking down what we needed, we headed to The Three Little Birds Jamaican cafe for some much needed refreshment. The cafe is run by a former Miss Jamaica, and her beauty is equalled by her amazing cookery skills. While Doc tucked into a plate of jerk spiced ribs with rice and peas, I went straight to the dessert course and ordered a slice of banana cake with salted caramel and rum frosting.

We were discussing the treasures that we had bought, and after a few moments a young woman approached our table and asked if she could join us. She introduced herself as Jaqweshia. She said that she had overheard our conversation and wondered if we could help her.

“It’s my man,” she said. “Most of the time we is irie, but now and then I worry he might start eyeing up the other ladies. We have babies too, and sometimes the pressures mean we can’t find the time we should do to treat each other right.”

Jaqweshia added that she could see how the free and easy life might tempt him, and wondered if we could suggest something that would make her feel more confident.

“Sometimes the life of a busy mum doesn’t leave you feeling as attractive as you’d like to feel, you know?” she said. “And a little spell working to make sure he’s not tempted to look elsewhere?”

We spoke to her for a while and took note of all of the different aspects of her life where we could add a touch of voodoo, and eventually Dok suggested a No-Stray Mojo Hand, which he would put together with a special blend of herbs and talismans, along with personal items from Jaqweshia that would make the working even stronger.

Alongside that, I offered to make her a glamour spell, which would boost her confidence, along with a specially blended alluring oil.

After complimenting April, the owner of The Three Little Birds, on her fabulous food, we said our goodbyes and headed back to the Eastside of Paradise.

A few weeks later, I received a surprise package in the post. It was from Jaqweshia, and she had written us a note saying that the workings had really made a difference to her relationship:

“He can’t keep his eyes or his hands off me! It’s everything I could have wished for and then some. He even bought me a beautiful eternity ring to say thank you for being the momma of our babies. I can’t thank you enough!”

And there was something else hidden in the package – she’d persuaded April to give her the recipe for the cake and even included a half bottle of special Jamaican rum to make the frosting with.

All in all I would say we all came out winners! If you would like a similar working, drop Doktor Snake a line, and we’ll see what we can cook up for you!

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