Texas conjure man Rev. Gary Fox once told me the following method of killing a man with voodoo. This is what he said:

“This trick works at a distance. On the change of the moon, get yourself a newspaper and cut out the shape of a person. Write the name of the person you wants to kill on the paper using a red pen. Then stick a brass pin in the image, drive it straight through the head.

After that, get yourself a small box, like a cigar box, and lay the man out like he is in a coffin. When the sun is going down dig a hole in the cemetery and bury the box. Your victim will surely die. They'll go down with the sun.”

Rev. Gary Fox said you only want to use this on a sworn enemy. “Too many people today,” he said, “lay curses on people for the smallest slights. Someone looks at 'em funny and they hex 'em. I personally have never done that. It takes up too much of yo' time hating people like that.”

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