A couple of years back, a woman in her fifties, who I’ll call Jenny, consulted me. She said all she’d ever known throughout her life was bad luck. It had dogged her through school, work, relationships, marriage and friendships.

Everything she ever touched seemed to turn to lead, not gold – or even to a modest silver.

In school she’d been mercilessly bullied. “Although I say it myself, I’ve always been pretty, and that’s what I was bullied for,” she told me. “Then when I was older and went out to work, I just couldn’t hold a job down. I kept getting fired. Yet I was a hard worker and I took care not to upset anyone. I truly believe I had a powerful curse laid on me from a young age, most likely by one of my mother’s sisters, who were always very jealous of her and her kids.”

Jenny sent me pictures of herself from 18 to the present. And I can vouch for the fact that she has always been attractive, right up to the present. Her personality is warm and caring too. Yet people seemed to see her as a kind of vermin fit only for being picked on and used.

She thought her luck had changed when she met the man of her dreams. He treated her well and was very romantic and loving towards her. He was also always buying her things.

…until they got married.

After the honeymoon, he turned into a monster, beating Jenny on a regular basis and psychologically tormenting her. He even forced her to have children. She was happy having two, or even three. But he insisted she have more and more, until eventually they’d got eight children. Even then, he demanded she have more.

That was when she left him – taking the children with her, all of whom she truly loved.

Subsequent relationships followed a similar pattern. They looked perfect, almost idyllic, at first, then deteriorated when the relationship became committed.

There were many other terrible incidents, but I’m sure you get the picture of what her life was like.

When she came to me, Jenny was in the depths of despair. And I have to admit, I didn’t know what to do. The bad luck seemed all pervasive. And the spirit card readings I did backed up her contention that she had been cursed from a young age.

Could the curse be broken? I simply didn’t know…

All I could do was offer to perform my Extreme Voodoo Curse Removal Spell for her, which consistently brings good results even in the most difficult of cases. The working involves calling upon the mighty voodoo lwa Zaka, the agriculture god, who if treated respectfully, will use the powers of nature to cleanse all evil from people. The other central part of the working involves charging an amethyst crystal wand and four other crystals, which bring profound healing to anyone afflicted by baleful work.

The fact is, if a legion of damned spirits has been unleashed upon someone, the Extreme Voodoo Curse Removal Spell will send them shrieking back down to the fires of Hell, NEVER to return.

It took some time to remove the terrible blight from Jenny’s life. This was because it was so entrenched. But in the end the Extreme Voodoo Curse Removal Spell proved wholly successful. Her life is now transformed. She’s got a job she loves, working with animals. And she’s in a truly loving relationship.

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