Limited Editions (Specials) – Spells Cast At Auspicious Times

Limited Editions

My limited editions are spellworkings performed at specific times, such as full moon, dark of the moon, or on solstices and equinoxes.

Because these spellworkings are conducted at given times of the year or at a specific lunar phase, they are only available to order for two or three weeks at most. Thus they are time limited.

Typically, I perform these limited editions at carefully chosen “places of power” out in the countryside. Primarily these are sites that were used during heathen times, country crossroads, ruined churches and stone circles or monuments.

And the arcane items that go into my limited editions, like sigil staves, wish papers, poppet dolls, and so on, are all handmade by me. I use an old gypsy knife to carve glyphs and symbols on pieces of fallen branch from the woods. And I use an old fountain pen to create my trademark sigils on wish papers.

How can my limited editions help you?

These spellworkings would mostly be used for personal power and self development. This could be increasing confidence and charisma, or boosting intuition and psychic abilities. They can also be used to help bring your wishes and desires to fruition.

Because certain times are highly auspicious in magical terms, a lot of power (and meaning) is brought to the table when a ritual is performed and given arcane items are charged with numinous energy.

To perform the ritual for limited editions, I drive out to a carefully chosen location in the wilds of the countryside. Once there, I light a small ritual fire, and call up the spirits (or atavistic energy manifestations) in the swirling smoke. Often I leave charged arcane items in the area for a few days to soak up the energies of the place. And if the working is performed at full moon, the items are left to imbue lunar energies.

Here are my limited editions (past and present)…

Red Witch Rite

Facilitates lifetime attainment and success in any endeavor, propels you to the heights of your ambitions and dreams …

Aphrodite Love Charm – Love Drawing Talisman

Aphrodite Love Charm - Doktor Snake

Magically Charged at a shrine to the goddess Aphrodite in the grounds of an old English stately home… This love drawing talisman is called the Aphrodite Love Charm. It’s pretty…

Your Wishes Granted – Autumn Equinox Talismans

Autumn Equinox Talisman

[LIMITED EDITION: OFFER ENDS MIDNIGHT SEPTEMBER 21ST] Do you wish to… Bring love into your live? Advance career prospects? Make more money? Increase personal power and charisma? Attract luck into…

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