Harvest moon talismans to grant your wishes

These harvest moon talismans are ritually charged under the full moon of September 14th (2019) to help manifest a specific wish or desire in your life.

Harvest moon talismans - example of one hanging on a branch with a drawstring bag

Are you looking to bring love into your life? Or or you trying to advance your career prospects? Or looking to make more money?

Perhaps you want to increase your “personal power” or charisma? Or attract more luck into your life. Or make a business more successful.

Whatever the case, my harvest moon talismans will act as a catalyst to facilitate your wishes, and help bring them to fruition. They operate on the unseen plane to help meld the weave of fate in your favour.

Various arcane items come with the spellworking and all are contained in a drawstring bag, which you can keep safely in a drawer. The harvest moon talisman itself is a “sigil wand” (see picture above). This is also in the drawstring bag. But you can carry the sigil wand with you for extra luck, or even wear it around your neck (I attach it on a leather cord).

All you need to do is “submit your wish” at the checkout at the bottom of this page. I’ll then make a record of it and include it in the ritual I perform for the harvest moon talismans.

Harvest moon over trees
Harvest moon over trees (2018)

How do harvest moon talismans work?

Each talisman is charged by oak, ash and thorn under the full moon shortly before the autumnal equinox. I drive out to an area about seven miles from me – a section of rolling countryside between two small villages. There’s an old track that leads to a small wooded grove which has a diverse array of trees in it, including oak, ash and hawthorn.

When midnight comes and the harvest moon shines down (or not, depending on how cloudy it is), I enter a deep trance state and conduct a ritual calling upon the ancient atavisms of the place. You might describe these as “spirits” or see them as arcane energy forces that manifest in given parts of the landscape. Either way, it is possible to harness these forces to charge talismans as part of a spellworking.

An eerie atmosphere tends to descend on the landscape when these atavisms manifest. You know you are in the presence of forces that are essentially non-human and part of the land itself.

Moon wand

During this ritual work, I use my handmade gypsy knife (the best knife I’ve ever owned) to carve and shape the piece of branch that is the main part of the harvest moon talisman – the moon wand – and slice a clear section on each to inscribe my sigils on.

While doing this I recite incantations from “unknown tongues”, which is the language of the spirits and the unconscious mind. This draws numinous energy from the landscape and allows me to imbue the various magical items with it – making them artefacts of power.

This spellworking is a limited edition. The ritual work is performed on a specific day and time, and thus only so many orders can be accommodated.

Lunar energies

After the charging ritual is complete, I hide each talisman under a hawthorn hedge at the side of a nearby harvested cornfield (see picture below) until the morning of September 23rd, the autumn equinox or “Harvest Home”, as it is also known. That way the harvest moon talismans are imbued with lunar energies for over a week.

Harvested cornfield location for harvest moon talisman spellworking
Harvested cornfield location for harvest moon talisman spellworking

Come early morning on September 23rd, the autumn equinox, I return to the cornfield and hawthorn hedgerow to retrieve the magical items that make up the harvest moon talismans. After that, I package everything up and send out your talisman to you, along with a letter telling you what you can do next.

Important note: the last day for ordering my harvest moon talismans is September 14th at noon. And orders might be stopped before that as, depending on demand, I can only perform seventeen spellworkings for the harvest moon talismans – that’s the limit in one night.

Order your harvest moon talisman now

NOTE: Postage & packing is additional for faster, secure and trackable delivery (calculated at the checkout).

I’ll let you know when I do the ritual (September 14th) and will email you after I’ve collected the harvest moon talismans from the cornfield and have shipped them.

Orders are now closed for the Harvest Moon talisman.


If you’re in Britain or Europe, you will receive your spellworking package in two working days or so of the ritual being performed. If you’re in the US, it will take around four or five working days. And seven to ten days for the rest of the world.

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