Mother Chergrave’s Candlemas Charm (Limited Edition)

Loddon Church Norfolk
Loddon Church Norfolk

To create this magical charm I call upon the spirit of a 19th century witch from a small village in Norfolk, England, to imbue the spell bag, and the items inside it, with numinous power.

It’s an all-round “powerhouse” of a charm that can be utilised for any purpose, from love and romance, luck and good fortune, to attracting money or gambling luck. Or whatever else you wish to attract to you.

What you do is simple. When you have a wish you’d like fulfilled, hold the Mother Chergrave charm (a spell bag) and visualise that wish in your minds’ eye for a few minutes each day (for three days or so).

Mother Chergrave (pronounced “Chegriff”) lived in the Norfolk village of Loddon in the early 19th century. She was a witch who dispensed charms and talismans to the local populace, along with telling fortunes. She not only claimed to be in league with Satan, she also had a number of familiar spirits. These were “imps” which she kept in a wooden box. These creatures were the size of rats, but with the appearance of human beings with bat’s wings.

One of Mother Chergrave’s most popular charms involved revealing the name of the man a young woman would marry. The price for this charm was somewhat stiff, however, and involved the client giving up one year of their life. The charm came in the form of a verse, which began in the following way:

“To gain a husband, name known or unknown,
Make your choice on a graveyard stone…”

The verse went on to instruct the user to form “crosses” out of roses for the divination process. If it proved successful the verse made clear that one year of the user’s life would be given to the dead. Most likely any young woman who bought this charm from Mother Chergrave would have gone to Loddon Church (see picture below) to follow through the instructions given in the verse.

Loddon Church and graveyard
Loddon Church

The full story of Mother Chergrave and her work can be found in a book called Bogie Tales of East Anglia  by Margaret Helen James (1859-1938), the sister of horror writer M.R. James. Long out of print, a new edition of the book has been compiled by Francis Young and can her found here.

I’d heard of Mother Chergrave from an elderly relative of mine from Norfolk. He’d heard about her on one of his many explorations into local history around the county over the years, and had told me all about it.

Thus I decided to create a magical talisman involving calling upon the spirit of Mother Chergrave at one of her “haunts” not far from the village of Loddon where she lived. This involves the making of some witchcraft poppet dolls, like those in the picture below, and charging them with numinous energy so they will be effective in attracting any given desire to you.

Poppet Dolls in Graveyard
Poppet Dolls in Graveyard

These dolls, along with a number of other magical items, are placed inside a spell bag, which constitutes the charm itself. Please bear in mind this is a limited edition and I will be performing the ritual on the night of February 1st/2nd, this year, at Candlemas, or Imbolc, as it is called in the Celtic and witchcraft calendar. This is the time of the “waxing” or “quickening” of the year and is a very powerful time to perform workings of increase or attraction.

Limited edition

This spellworking is a limited edition. The ritual work is performed on a specific day and time, and thus only so many orders can be accommodated.

The Ritual

After sunset on February 1st, and culminating after midnight, I’ll perform the ritual to create a Mother Chergrave charm. First I’ll leave an offering in the churchyard at Loddon. Although locals didn’t want Mother Chergrave buried at the church when she died (they apparently had her buried in nearby Norwich instead), I’m certain it was a place she frequented for her magical work. So I’ll be leaving some small bottles of rum and flowers as an offering to her spirit.

After that I’ll be heading down a country track at the back of the church to a deserted and somewhat spooky area, which I’d wager used to be something of a witches “blasted heath” to perform the spellworking itself to charge the items that make up the charm.

Witches Blasted Heath
Witches Blasted Heath

I have conjured up Mother Chergrave’s spirit on a number of occasions for myself, in my own magical work. So I know from personal experience that this is a powerful way to create a charm or talisman that works and brings results.

Once I’ve evoked the spirit of Mother Chergrave, and the charm is fully charged, I’ll head back to my car (and civilisation) and get the items prepared and mailed out to you.

So if you’d like me to fix up this charm for you, it’s wise to get in early as it is a limited edition. (I can only do so many workings on the night of February 1st/2nd). Apart from anything else, it’s a powerful way to empower yourself as Candlemas marks the beginning of the solar cycle and the waxing of the year. And what with the spirit of Mother Chergrave involved, it is the kind of charm that has real, inherent power to achieve the aims you have in mind.

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