NEW YEAR 2021 – Luck & Prosperity Conjure Charm – PLUS 12 Month Year Ahead Reading

My New Year’s Conjure Charm is designed to attract good fortune to you throughout 2021...

new year 2021 conjure charm

I do it every New Year. A conjure working to keep you lucky. And this year is no exception. I’ll be performing the ritual to load the Conjure Charm with power at a sacred grove out in the countryside in Eastern England, where I live. In the heart of a scenic woodland is a Bronze Age burial mound.

Few know about this mound. I found it on an old Ordnance Survey map, and I confirmed that this was an ancient bronze age site through local archeology records.

Suffice to say, the area would have been a ritual landscape used by the Ancient Britons who lived in the area. So the place has a very definite atmosphere, and is an auspicious area for ritual workings.

bronze age burial mound

This coming New Year’s Day falls shortly after the full moon…

Thus I will be performing the ritual work on December 30th when the full moon is at its peak. The first thing I’ll do is light a small ritual fire. Then I’ll draw personalized “starfire” sigils on parchment paper with my fountain pen, designed to bring luck. I’ll then cast the sigils into the ritual fire so their atavistic energies manifest on the etheric plane, the hidden place of formation.

After that I’ll load each conjure charm with numinous power, calling upon the local daemons, or chthonic spirits of the place, which have the abilities to bestow luck and good fortune.

The Conjure Charm artifacts (which will go in a small drawstring pouch) include a cloth JuJu doll, sigil stave, herbs, roots and crystals.

Naturally, this is a limited edition as there’s only time to fix up a given number of conjure charms on the night of December 30th. So if you’re interested, it is wise to book your place early if possible (the order deadline is 13:30pm on December 30th)

NOTE: You can order this New Year’s working as a gift. But bear in mind that I would need the name, date of birth, and place of birth, of the person you are buying it for.

Along with your 2021 Conjure Charm, you will also get a 12 month card reading covering the year ahead…

This will be conducted by my card reader Cynthia Atwood, a highly gifted intuitive in her own right. While personalized to you, it will focus on the general trends likely to impact you in the coming year, so you can be ready for the ups and downs that fate has in store for you.


Designed to attract good fortune to you throughout the new year.

Only $175.00. (Free P&P)


The ritual is performed on December 30th. Once completed, the items are sent out to you via postal mail, along with a letter outlining how the ritual was conducted, plus simple instructions on what to do next.

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