Red Witch Rite



Facilitates lifetime attainment and success in any endeavor, propels you to the heights of your ambitions and dreams …

(Rite conducted by Doktor Snake and Pip de Belfry at a place of power in the wilds of Eastern England’s “Fenland”)

✴ Comes complete with Pip de Belfry’s bespoke Royal Crown of Success Oil.

From: Doktor Snake
Wednesday 8:47PM

Along with natural witch Pip de Belfry, I conduct this working on your behalf to summon the powers of success in any endeavor you require. We evoke numinous power “inbetween the worlds” to charge both your magickal talisman (drawstring bag  and its contents) and the highly unique Royal Crown of Success Oil that’s specially prepared by Pip.

We went out into the wilds and desolation of the sprawling flatness of the “Fens” (East Anglia) to the Place of the Red Witch.

This is where the old Saxon rebel Hereward the Wake hid out in the 11th century to evade the Norman oppressors, and to strike back against them. Local lore has it that a Red Witch gave him a powerful spell to help him escape the Normans when they attacked the Isle of Ely, the last remaining Saxon stronghold.

As a central part of our rite, Pip and I call upon the Red Witch, who brought Hereward the Wake success in his revolt against the Normans…

With our ritual fire burning, and the swirling smoke entwining itself around nearby trees, a strange hush typically falls upon the landscape – even the birds stop singing and the dusk turns to dark.

This means the Red Witch has arrived…

We then petition the Red Witch to imbue your talisman, and the bottle of Royal Crown of Success Oil, with the energetic essence of abundance, attainment, and success.

When the rite is complete, we close the gates of the in-between worlds, and leave offerings of herbs and flowers for the Red Witch.

After that we collect your talisman and oil, which are now transformed into artifacts of power, and head back to the city and civilization. We then mail the talisman and oil to you.

Inside your talisman (drawstring bag) are:

  • Red Witch Manikin
  • Hag Stone
  • 93 Root
  • Sigil Stave
  • Starfire Root

Plus: Royal Crown of Success Oil, and red candle.

Pip de Belfry says:

“Your Royal Crown of Success Oil comes from a recipe used in the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. One of the precious ingredients is 100% pure Bulgarian Rose Otto, which is grown in the majestic Valley of Roses that lies between Kazanlak and Karlovo in Bulgaria. The reason it is so precious is it takes two million blooms to produce just 1,000mls of Rose Otto, but its scent is like heaven itself…”

Bottom line: Your “Red Witch” talisman will work for you 24/7 to get the job done…

If you’re interested in this spellworking, or one that produces a similar result, contact Doktor Snake, and he’ll sort you out with the best possible solution for your situation.

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