St. John’s Eve “Personal Power” Mojo

Powerful ritual performed after sunset on June 23rd to increase charisma, luck, influence, protection and self-confidence...

St John's Eve Personal Power Mojo

St. John's Eve falls on the evening of June 23rd. It's a time of power, close to midsummer's day. It's the pivotal point between the growing and decreasing light of the sun. When these forces coincide it is possible to strongly increase the power of any magical operation.

Thus on this coming St.John's Eve, after sunset, I plan to do a limited number of rituals for clients. These will be designed to increase your personal power on many levels. I will perform the rituals in the desolate ruins of an old medieval church close to the sea in the county of Suffolk, England.

What will these rituals do for you?

They will...

  • Increase personal power and magnetism - making you more charismatic.
  • Boost your influence, not only on those around you, but on social media too.
  • Build self-confidence, making you far more likely to go out and get what you want in life.
  • Improve existing and potential relationships as you will exude that intangible "something" which is very attractive to others.
  • Bring you the extra edge in your job or business, potentially leading to extra money and more success
  • Attract luck and good fortune, helping you to be in the "right place at the right time" more often.
  • Bring protection from malign occult forces - St. John's Fire was traditionally considered to ward off evil spirits.

The reason St. John's Eve holds magical power is that, in Christian theology, it marks the birth of St. John the Baptist. His cousin, Jesus, reputedly was born six months later on December 25th. Therefore St. John's Eve heralds the coming of Jesus - the "light" and completion of the solar cycle.

Magically I will tap into this cosmic power when I perform my ritual at the ruined church. I plan to light a bonfire nearby - as traditionally fires of clean bones and wood were known as St. John's Fire. Over the flickering flames I will utilize various incantations to call down the cosmic forces associated with the height of summer and the "coming light" on Christmas Day, December 25th.

These powerful forces will be channeled into the various artifacts and herbs I take with me...

Once the ritual is finished I will put these ingredients into a small drawstring bag - this will be your St. John's Eve Personal Power Mojo. It will be an artifact of magical force that will help you to improve your life in the way that you wish.

Naturally I will mail the Personal Power Mojo to you, along with a letter telling you what to do next. As the weeks and months progress, you will begin to feel more energized and powerful in life. Things will start to go your way more. Luck will seem to be on your side.


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