Bottom line is the odds are against you big time with the lottery. Yes, I’ve supplied lucky numbers and lottery spells that have proven winners – typically to the tune of thousands of dollars on a regular basis.

But with the lottery it’s wise to think like a professional gambler. All pro gamblers know the chances of winning the lottery are slim. And that you’re much better playing poker or blackjack, or other casino games.

I’ve had clients that have pulled consistent wins in casinos with my Gambling Hands. They do the lottery too, but more for good measure than anything else – after all, if you’re not in the game, you ain’t gonna win. And they know that, with luck on their side, they could be the one who pulls the mega-millions.

But my gambling clients are savvy. They know the odds and probability of any game of chance they turn their hand to – and act and plan accordingly.

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