If you need to bind a partner to you, maybe they have been cheating on you, or been unreliable in other ways, this voodoo spell will do it…

You’ll need a photo of the person you want to bind to you. You can print it out, or go to a store and get one done on a machine. You then hold the photo in your hand and concentrate your full attention on it.

Look intently at the photo and say the following lines over and over again, picturing the words entering the mind of the person you wish to influence and bind to you:

“You will do as I say,
Follow my will in every respect.
Your mind will comply
With my every command,
Whether big or small,
You will bend to my will.”

Do this spell every day for three months or more. The constant repetition is what will bring success. Don’t be deterred by the timeline. Even experienced practitioners in the art of magick and voodoo say spells like this take a good month before results are seen. Perseverance is what will win out.


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