Love Pen Talisman – Cast A Love Spell By Writing

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This magically charged love pen talisman can be used to write love and lover back spells, or to write the name of the one you love over and over to bring them to you and enchant them.

I charge the wish paper inside this red love pen talisman at one of the places of power I use for ritual work – a wooded grove out in the countryside. I call upon the ancestral spirits and they imbue the wish paper with numinous energy.

This means that whenever your write with the pen, what you write becomes a spell or an enchantment aimed at the person you love or to draw true love to you.

  • So if it is an ex lover, write their name on a piece of paper, over and over, and they will be compelled to return to you.
  • Or if you have your eye on somebody, do the same thing, and they will begin to notice you and will approach you.
  • Alternatively, simply write your desire to bring real and lasting love into your life, and this will bring your soulmate to you.

One powerful way of using this love pen talisman is to write your romance-related desire, then burn the paper in the flame of a candle. This will send your request out into the ether and it will eventually manifest in the physical world.

Full instructions come with the love pen talisman, enabling you to return an ex or attract a specific romantic partner.

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Love Pen Talisman Writing Magic Doktor Snake Voodoo Spells

Love Pen

Cast a love spell by writing.

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