It was shocking… so shocking that she could hardly move, such was her despair and anguish at her husband’s behviour…

This was two months back.

Susan Barrett, who everybody called Susie (37), from Austin, Texas, was in what she thought was a loving marriage. It had its ups and downs. But so do most marriages. And they’d got over any difficulties by talking and remembering how much they valued their relationship.

Or so Susie thought. But her husband, Damian, a draughtsman by trade, out-of-the-blue, seemed to change. She often caught him quickly closing his laptop, like he was trying to hide something.

Susie thought nothing of it, but it happened a lot and she eventually started to wonder what he might be up to.

It was then that he announced that he’d fallen in love with somebody else – a woman called Sally. Next thing Susie knows Damian brings his new woman round to their place in Austin, and suggests they all live together – like one big happy family.

“What?!” said Susie. “You’re my husband and you want me to live with you and your floozy!”

Susie was in a state of shock. And couldn’t believe how Damian could do such a thing to her. To cap it all, his new woman Sally was a brash blonde with a boob job who seemed oblivious to the hurtfulness – not to mention craziness – of the situation.

This was when Susie contacted me…

After relating the story to me, she said: “Doc, I’m so angry and hurt, but I still love Damian…. is there anything you can do to bring him back to me and get rid of that godawful woman?”

“You leave it with me,” I told her. “I’ll fix up a voodoo love bottle to get the situation sorted once and for all. It ain’t good. But I think we can get things back on track.”

My love bottle working is extremely powerful and I only use it in very difficult cases. It involves going the site of an old Roman temple out in the countryside, miles from anywhere. All that’s left of the temple is a circle of trees on a small hill. It’s an odd place and has a reputation for being haunted. But it’s a very powerful place to call up the spirits and work dark magick.

So I went up there one night around midnight amidst a howling wind and driving rain. I laid out the voodoo paraphernalia I needed on a rock, and proceeded to call upon the spirits of the place.

Strange shades surrounded me after I entered possession trance and chanted the eerie words of unknown tongues – the language of the spirits and subconscious mind.

As the terrifying apparitions moaned and whispered in archaic languages I commanded them to enter and charge the love bottle that I’d placed on the rock…

Once the ritual was complete, I left offerings of Cuban rum to the spirits, then made my weary way home.

Amazingly, within two weeks, Damian went running back to Susie begging for forgiveness and declaring that he’d been a fool and had no idea what had come over him. Naturally, Susie was wary, but said she’d give him a second chance. And to date, Damian has done all in his power to prove to Susie that he would stick to his word and be loving and faithful to her.

It’s worth mentioning that my voodoo love bottle working is one of my ultimate voodoo power spells. It’s not currently on my website as I tend to keep it in reserve for the more difficult cases. But if your situation needs extra kick to get it sorted out, you can message me the details of your case and I’ll figure out a way to remedy it using my love bottle formula.

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