If you’ve got your eye on someone, or are crazy about somebody, and things are running slow, a little bit of voodoo can bring them to you.

What you need is two photos, one of you, and one of your prospective lover. You can either print ’em out on your own printer; or get them done at a store on a machine.

Lay the photos down on a table, face up. Daub honey on both, making sure the image of you and that of your prospective lover, are covered in honey. Then stick the photos together, so the images are pressed together, facing each other.

Roll the stuck-together photos into a tube, and wrap red cotton around the tube nine times, tying it up securely.

Finally, put the tube somewhere safe, away from prying eyes.

Give it some time and you prospective lover will become as crazy about you, as you are about them.

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