If your husband has walked out on you and you want him to return, the following voodoo conjure working will bring him running back to you – champing at the bit. It taps into the attractant power of the love spirit that flows through every town and city on the planet like a tidal wave of passion.

The love spirit is a gelling together of every love affair, romance and marriage that has ever happened in your town or city. It spirals around us in a powerful whirlpool of desire. Few are aware of the love spirit that inhabits our urban environments.

Calling on the love spirit of your city is one of the most powerful ways to work conjure. Here’s what to do to win back a husband or wife who has left you:

Print and cut out the three hoodoo wish papers below (they were drawn using automatic writing and are derived from unknown tongues, the language of the spirits). Write the full name of your partner on the back of each wish paper using whatever is to hand, but a lip-liner pencil is good if you have one, to symbolise the power of a passionate kiss.

Love Spirit Sigils

It is also helpful to ask for the help of Erzulie, the voodoo goddess who presides over all aspects of love in its different guises. To do this, you also need to print and cut out (or make your own drawing) of the veve for Erzulie shown here:


It is best to draw it in pinks and golds, and maybe make an offering to Erzulie whilst you are drawing it, concentrating all the while on what you wish to achieve. She loves sweet treats like cake or chocolate, clear sparkling drinks (anything will work from sparkling water to champagne if you feel bountiful!) and anything sparkly, so some pink or gold glitter pasted to the veve is perfect. Place the veve safely somewhere, preferably close to your heart. Don’t forget to thank Erzulie for her help.

Now you are prepared, take the wish papers and head to the heart of your town or city at midnight. Choose a clear and starry night so that the heavens may see you and guide your path.

Take the first wish paper to your city’s cathedral or church, or to a registry office-literally anywhere that you know holds lots of marriage ceremonies. Go with the one that feels best to you.Find a little crevice on the outside of the building and conceal the wish paper there.

Now go to a pub or bar that is well known for couples meeting up on romantic dates. Again, conceal the wish paper anywhere that seems appropriate on the building.

Finally, take the third wish paper to the very heart of the city. Conceal it anywhere that feels right within a 300 yard radius of the center of the city. You could place it under a stone, behind a communications box or in the branches of a shrub or tree.

You don’t need to worry about how well you conceal the wish papers. The idea is that they resonate with the love spirit and night-time power of the city, and this will happen the moment that you place them in their places. So even if the wish papers are seen or washed away by the rain, it doesn’t affect the potency of the working. Your wish to return your partner to you has been delivered to the love spirit.

When you are done, return home and wait for your partner to return. But don’t just sit around and mope. Contact him, talk to him, keep the communications flowing.

Don’t allow yourself to appear too needy or desperate though, as that will only drive him further away. Stay cool, happy and slightly seductive: Erzulie knows that playing a little hard to get always gives the best results in the end, so be prepared to learn from her strategies.

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