Many African Americans in the Old South would wear one unusual-looking button sewn into their coat or jacket, or other piece of clothing.

The button was either found or given to them under unusual circumstances, which meant it was naturally infused with numinous power. Or they used an ordinary button and scratched symbols on it during a special ritual at their home altar.

Magic buttons like this were believed to bring success in everything undertaken, and to lose a button signified complete failure and danger to come.

The good thing about magic buttons is they serve as “secret” voodoo charms. Yes, they might be the “odd button out” on a jacket or blouse. But no one, other than a fellow practitioner,  is likely to guess that your  button has a magical purpose.

I have around thirty magical buttons in the dusty old back room of my house, which is situated  on the outskirts of the backwoods marshes of Eastern England. I found these under unusual circumstances, which like I say, means they are naturally charged with conjure power. They’ll bring the wearer good fortune, gambling luck and money.

I also create magic  buttons for clients. I carve voodoo symbols on them during a ritual. Clients typically add the button charms to a new jacket – removing the old one and replacing it with the “magic button.”

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