Or putting it a better way, the Magic Money Tree helps you get yourself into the mindset of abundance, so you can receive the loot…

Let me tell you, I didn’t make this Money Tree. Nope. It was made by a remarkable woman called Kit Jacobina Wallace. She lives out in the flatlands of England, right out in the countryside.

BUT: She also SEES spirits and elementals.

And she made this Money Tree under the behest of a spirit. It literally guided her to make the Money Tree that really does draw the power that lies behind money and commerce to you.

She went from living in a tiny little place in a dingy little town. NOW she lives on a large estate.

She insists that the Money Tree I’m holding in the photo made this happen…

A spirit wanted her to have a great life and place to live, and made it happen for her with this strange object – the Money Tree. It was like automatic drawing, but craft making.

I gotta tell you, when that photo was took, my hands were tingling with that strange ornamental tree’s power.

Obviously, the Tree’s not for sale. I just want you all to see it. Actually I want Kit to make some stuff for me… don’t know if she will though.

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