Live the high life. Work smart, not hard. Figure out ways to make cash while you sleep. Use voodoo mind power to get financial freedom.

Most people think they need a job. But that equates to “Just Over Broke” (J.O.B.). You work all hours for a pittance. And never get ahead. Sure you can start your own business. Be self-employed. But make sure you don’t just create a job for yourself. Otherwise, you’ll still be “Just Over Broke.”

No. The key is to figure out how to create a business or start-up that eventually brings you good money and free time. That way you can lead the high life and have a good deal of freedom to do what you want.

To do this is all about thinking clearly and planning ahead. Don’t just bumble along reacting to events and hoping for the best. You need to take control of your life and think through your plans objectively. Anticipate setbacks because you will have setbacks. The roads to riches is rarely smooth.

But it’s better than living your whole life “Just Over Broke.” You don’t wanna be a “coulda been”. You want to have done it for real, and gained your financial freedom.

So you need to set long term goals and be ready for the inevitable downturns. The key is never to give up. Persist. And if things go badly wrong, pick yourself up and start again with a new plan. With this attitude you’ll get to where you wanna go in the end.

It works.

The other key thing is to create a business structure that, in the end, will run itself. And you oversee it, but don’t get involved in the day-to-day running of it. That way you can either start another enterprise and make even more money; or you can simply enjoy yourself doing whatever you fancy in life. Most people, however, start another enterprise because they get a lot of satisfaction from the challenge of it.

That’s the practical side – but what about the voodoo?

In this case, you want to use “voodoo mind power”. This will help get your mind, body and emotions working on the same page to achieve your goals. It’s very much about self-development. You have to learn to control your thoughts and make them productive.

Most of us think – or run internal dialog – in a way that is mostly negative and unproductive. A lot of the time, we don’t even realize we are doing it. We run and re-run bad memories. Or we go over and over some dispute we are having.

What does this do?

It means we make the bad memories far worse than the original incident was. By repeating it everyday it becomes a huge thing in our lives. We can’t leave the past behind. And this impacts the present; we are using way too much time rehashing the past, and that’s precious time that could be spent on creating a business and wealth.

It’s the same if we dwell on current disputes. What a waste of time! Especially if you can’t do anything about it! (I’ll go over ways you can dispell past bad memories and remove current disputes or arguments from your mind. But right now we’ll look at how you can supercharge your mind to work for you in a productive manner).

What you need to do is this…

  • At any quiet time during the day or evening sit down somewhere comfortable. Take a few deep breaths to relax yourself and gently cast away the cares of the day.
  • Now visualize your goals to wealth and freedom. See them in front of you, like you are merely a spectator. Picture all the moves you will make to create a successful business. Watch it all happening.
  • Next make that visualization as bright and big as you can.
  • Now walk into that vision. So rather than watching yourself, actually be part of that vision. Walk into the image of yourself and see everything around you, and picture yourself orchestrating it all.

So what you are doing is you initially see yourself and your goals, like they are in the future (which they are). Then by walking into this picture of yourself and becoming it, you are telling your subconscious mind that this is your goal and that you are inside it and it is you that is making it happen. No longer will you be at the behest of the whims of fate. Now you will be at the helm of your mental ship, sailing it where you want it to go.

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