“Heart disease ain’t the biggest killer in this Country,” Prof Crow said, “nor is it breathing problems or even Diabetes. It’s the ole Mal De Ojo -the Evil Eye – ‘cos it is what can behind these and many more problems”.

It had been a warm summer evening and I had been sitting on Prof Crow’s derelict porch gazing out in silence the empty darkness of the swamp in front of us.

“So I best I tell ya all da truth!”  He took my whiskey bottle and took the last swallow, bummed a cigarette from me, and finally settled back in his ancient armchair, then continued.

“First ya gotta realise that people are such damn fools these days that they don’t believe in ole Mal De Ojo – the Evil Eye. Oh people say, ‘that guys givin’ me hard looks and I just gotta go,’ or, ‘I jus’ can’t bare to be in the room with that girl – she’s given me da evils.’ Hell people believe in ESP, Hypnotism, the Law of Attraction and all that here Nu-Age stuff. But they don’t believe that a look can harm or possibly kill!

“Now I got a friend of mine who is some big time Anthropologist and he did some digging in that big Library of his. Turns out that every single culture, in every single place in the world believes in ole Mal De Ojo. Except this one. Ours right now. And a lot of fucking good it’s done us.”

Prof carried on with his explanation…

What is the Mal De Ojo?

“Ya see the ole Mal De Ojo can be put on someone intentionally or unintentionally. That means da person doing it may not know that are laying it on ya. They don’t need to touch – just need to look at ya. Someone real, real jealous of ya job, ya house or ya man or girl, can whammy ya with it without thinking. Some folk realise they got this power and give ya a long hard stare to transmit it.

Da eyes are the windows of the soul (or so they say) and anything connected with a persons soul is full o’ energy. And some people can be spiteful, vicious bastards and that energy is then projected out through their eyes.

Ya gotta remember that da ole Mal De Ojo don’t care who ya are. Ya can be white or coloured, man or a woman, a boy or a girl, young or old. It whammys livestock, family pets even objects ya own like ya auto-mobile (now ya know why it keeps on breaking down!).

Once a person is afflicted with the ole Mal De Ojo it can continue affecting the person for years to come. The Mal De Ojo does not have a course to run. What I mean by this is like most illnesses we come down with after a certain amount to time they heal themselves. They go away on their own. This is not the case with the ole Mal De Ojo eye. Once a person is afflicted with the ole Mal De Ojo the only way to be free of it is to have it removed by a spiritual healer or an old style Voodoo Doc.

What Are The Symptoms of Mal De Ojo?

Best word to describe what the old Mal De Ojo does is ta dry ya up. Dries up ya luck; dries up money coming to ya; dries up someone love for ya.

Now Mal De Ojo can manifest as:

Drying Of Mothers Milk,
Bad Luck,
Low Energy,
Skin Problems,
Hair Loss,
Blood Problems, Diarrhoea,
Aches And Pains Over The Entire Body,
Lack Of Concentration,
Gassy Stomach,
Blurred Vision,

Anyone of these symptoms on there own ain’t gonna kill ya. But over time they make ya weaker and weaker and open the door in ya body for some real nasty disease to take hold!

How to Test for Mal De Ojo.

If ya worried that someone has laid the ole Mal De Ojo on ya then the best thing to do is find a good Old Style Voodoo Doc and get him to cut some Swamp Cards. That will tell ya there and then.

If ya want to try something a test first at home this is a method I learned from an old Hispanic Curandero back in da day.

Ya gotta get these:

  • 1 raw unbroken egg
  • Holy Water
  • 1 small plate
  • Salt

Now take da raw unbroken egg and sprinkle it with Holy Water. Before the water is allowed to dry on da egg begin rubbing the egg over the persons head and face.

The entire time ya are rubbing the egg over the person ya are rubbing the egg in the shape of tiny crosses. With the basic spiritual cleansing ya were rubbing the egg in downward sweeping motions. This time ya will not be using the downward sweeping motions. Instead every time the egg comes in contact with the skin of the afflicted person a small cross is made. The entire motion should be in small crosses.

Make crosses all over the top of the head back of the head, and sides of the head. Move to the face and make cross all over the forehead over the bridge of the nose, cheeks, mouth, and chin. Next go back up and make a large cross gently over each of the eyes.

Ya should repeat da process three times, head and face. During da rubbing of da egg ya gotta recite the followin’ prayer…….

“Christ, Son of God, protect us from the snares of evil. Through the prayers of the Virgin Mary, of the Holy Archangel Michael and all the Heavenly Hosts, of the Holy Martyr Cyprian, and of all the Saints, by the power of the Most Holy Cross, and by the intercession of our Guardian Angels, deliver us from evil spirits, from sorcery, curses, the evil eye, and from any slanders of the enemy. Preserve us from evil. Amen.”

Immediately break da egg onto a small plate. Liberally sprinkle da top of da raw egg with plenty of salt. Have da afflicted person put da plate under da bed they will sleep in. Da next morning there will be a very noticeable eye formed by da salt if da person has da ole Mal De Ojo. If ya are unsure, then take a photo of da yolk and send it to a ole time Voodoo Doc, they’ll know what ta do.

Advice from an Ole Time Voodoo Doc

If ya worried that someone has out da Evil Eye, the ole Mal De Ojo, get yerself a readin’ from an old time Voodoo Doc. He’ll be able to tell ya straight up and then he can tell ya how to remove it!

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