One of my blog subscribers, Sabrina Garcia, has been following the ups and downs of the marriage of J-Lo and Marc Anthony, who are currently going through a divorce, which could turn into a costly and bitter battle for custody of their children, twins Emme and Max.

In an email to me this week, Sabrina suggested that Marc Anthony, with the help of his pal, Latino rapper Pitbull, could have called upon the Santeria spirits for help with a potential cash flow situation if the divorce turns nasty.

This is what Sabrina said:

Have you seen/ heard Marc Anthony and Pitbull’s duet “Let It Rain Over Me” [see Youtube video below]? The boys are very thinly veiling an invocation to the spirits [Santeria] for help, especially Marc who always was jealous (an now is again) of J-Lo’s success. Now that they are divorcing (from his philandering) sympathy and custody rights are raining on J-Lo. Here’s what the Pecos Law Group says:

“It is beginning to look like this may be the case for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. During their seven year marriage they had twins, a now 3-year-old son and daughter. Since their split, it was reported that Jennifer Lopez would get primary custody of the children. However, in a recent development, it now appears that Marc Anthony hopes to join in the raising of their two children. Apparently, he is now considering seeking joint custody of the two.

Will Jennifer Lopez agree to that arrangement, or will she demand that she be awarded full primary custody. Will the two engage in a child custody battle for the right to raise their children? It will certainly be interesting to watch as this celebrity child custody case unfolds, but for right now, any answer to those questions would be based purely on speculation.” From: Pecos Law Group, Dec. 28, 2011.

Having to pay alimony and child support, if he doesn’t get joint custody, Marc certainly is looking for some divine intervention and he’s invoking it with this song. This is probably as obvious to you as it was to my husband and I. It was to this writer too:

Nadia Noir, staff writer,, 2011, July 23rd: “Pitbull and Marc Anthony do a fabulous job of convincing us with their cliché music video that they when the say ‘make it rain on me’ that they actually mean rain and not dollar bills.”

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