Jump on the Medicine Wheel and take a ride. The Medicine Wheel teaches that there are four directions. Discover these and you will find the inner power that lies within you. And the real you will no longer be a stranger.

These four directions are emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual (the latter being the ineffable or the vastness that is creation).

When our emotions get out of control, or jump right out of us, they often make us do things we regret. This is because we firstly create an internal picture or mental movie in our minds. And this sets off our emotions.

We are no longer still. And we are a long, long way from serenity.

When our emotions jump in like that they are like a rearing horse. Right then, our physical body is filled with stress and tension. And we become confused and divided, and filled with inner turmoil.

So what can we do?

Well, when we experience these feelings and we are uptight, the best course of action is to MENTALLY PAUSE. Literally stop. Slow down our thinking, or internal dialogue – stop it altogether if we can. Breathe slowy and deeply. Take time to walk out in nature. Sit upon Mother Earth. Or lay down and meditate.

Only when we approach life with a still mind do we get access to something greater – or our “spiritual guidance” system.

To be guided by your deeper self, let your mind be still…

Using the medicine wheel in meditation the Native Americans say, when meditating, if you sit facing one direction, say north, then change to east, you can feel the medicine wheel and your thoughts will change according to the direction you face.

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